Aow Yai Beach on Phayam Island

Deeland Bungalows is a small Thai-run bungalow business located at the southern end of Aow Yai Beach on Phayam Island.



Here, it is much more peaceful than the busy center of the beach. From the sound of the waves lapping on the sand to the Hornbills yak-yakking in the trees overhead, you will appreciate the tranquility. We have a mix of traditional Thai and modern bungalows located a few steps away from the white sand beach. Each unit is clean and comfortable, with ensuite shower and western toilet. A shaded porch out front is the perfect spot to chill out in a hammock, read a book or take a nap. We are "kid friendly" and happy to accommodate your special needs for infants and children of all ages.

Fresh food

Your host, Nok, is proud to serve a wide variety of Thai dishes, fresh seafood and even some Western treats.

Drinks & Cocktails

A well stocked bar serves a variety of cocktails and specialty drinks. Enjoy a cold Thai or imported beer, a glass of wine or a delicious fruit shake.


No morning is complete without an espresso or cappuccino to accompany the breaking day.


We have a mix of modern and traditional "Thai-style" bungalows

. Our new bungalows are spacious and well appointed. Traditional units are simple, clean and comfortable.


Each unit has a queen sized bed and ample room to store your belongings. The ensuite bathroom has a western toilet and shower. We are happy to accommodate children with extra mattresses and other special requirements.


24-hour electricity allows our guests to use a fan at night, charge devices or finish the last pages of a gripping novel in the wee hours.


The front porch on each unit is the perfect spot to hang in a hammock, lie down on a soft pillow, enjoy a board game, or simply relax.


Our garden is growing every day, providing a beautiful and natural environment. In busy periods, we also offer tents to accommodate overflow.


Adventures & Trips

Koh Surin and Koh Kum National Parks

We are happy to book speed boat, bus, train and flight tickets, as well as arrange day trips around Phayam Island, Koh Surin and Koh Kum National Parks.

We also offer snorkeling gear, books and games and massage on site for our guests.

Restaurant & Bar


Thai dishes or Western treats

Enjoy a fresh fruit shake any time of the day or a fresh mixed fruit salad.

Our open-air restaurant overlooks the beach and is only steps away from the sea. We are proud to serve a wide variety of traditional Thai dishes as well as some Western treats.

We are happy to accommodate special dietary needs.
Try a delicious espresso, cappucino or latte. Accompanied with a western or Thai breakfast, it is the perfect way to power up for a busy day of relaxing.

Our well-stocked bar offers plenty of choice. With a variety of domestic and imported beer, mixed drinks, specialty shooters and fruity concoctions, we've got you covered.

And when it comes to meals, you will enjoy surfing our broad menu and selecting from a variety of fresh seafood, meats and vegetables. We have a regular beach barbeque and are happy to host special events on request.